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Posted by Paddy MacLachlan

Amid this week’s mudslides, floods, financial crises and strikes – not to mention a debate over the new Mass that must be reaching saturation point – the Catholic blogosphere gave us a couple of  things to smile about.

Patrick Madrid, whose blog has made it into our “best of” selection in weeks gone by, poses a tantalizing question about a commodity in our homes that costs a stunning $65,000 a gallon.

And a blog that’s new to us, Adrienne’s Catholic Corner, has a clever little quiz that will enable you to predict the name of next year’s most watched film.

While we’ve been trawling our way around the Catholic blogs, we’ve often noticed online banner ads for something called Mystic Monk coffee. It’s brewed by (surprisingly) an order of monks in Wisconsin, who seem to be every bit as clued up on sales and marketing as they are on the coffeemaker’s art – and monastic life, for that matter. For proof of that, check their very professional and sales-focused website.

But we’re not the only blog to notice their wares. was intrigued enough to (a) buy the product and (b) write about them. We wish them luck and we can’t wait till Mystic Monk makes its way to Asia.

One more light hearted post comes from a catchily named blog called The Hermeneutic of Continuity.  Actually it’s on a serious subject, but the tale it tells is simply ludicrous, regarding a new lawsuit brought against the Pope in Germany.

Turning to more serious subjects: Whispers In The Loggia ran two typically insightful pieces this week on the Vatican’s appointment of a new nuncio to Ireland, giving more  information on his unusual background – which may well be just what is needed to make a success of this hugely challenging job. In their second post, without naming names, WITL dropped a number of hints about Irish attempts to block the Papal appointment.

Finally, we did imply at the outset that we’d had enough of the debate over the new Mass. But the highly respected Fr. Z’s Blog has a very funny clip which we’re taking the liberty of showing you here.

Well, what’s a weekend without a laugh?

What did you think of our selection? If there are any other Catholic blogs you’d like to recommend, please let us know.

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