Need funds for your parish? Simple. Just make a movie.

Posted by Paddy MacLachlan

It helps to have someone in your church who’s as talented as Alex Kendrick. Pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, he is also a writer, director, producer, editor and actor, with a string of sizeable hits to his name.

His first three films have grossed around $50 million at the box office, plus a great deal more in DVD sales and spin-offs. His latest, Courageous, now on release in the USA, looks like outperforming all of them. But like the others, Courageous has a solidly if unobtrusively Christian message.

Kendrick combines a keen eye for good action with a sympathetic sense of modern moral predicaments and a great knack of presenting inspiring yet unsentimental resolutions. While the Courageous plot is based around cops – always good material for a movie – its central theme is the often tricky relationship between fathers and their offspring.

“All of us operate either from the approval of our father or for the approval of others,” says Kendrick. “If we felt like we were constantly loved and accepted when we were young, we don’t have to go seeking it everywhere else. So (in the film) we’re reminding dads – you are so crucial and instrumental in loving your children in their formative years. Every kid should hear from their father, I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m grateful you’re my child.”

Let’s hope this film and the others from the talented Mr. Kendrick make it to Asia some time. Meanwhile, here’s a taster:

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