How to start a congregation

Posted by Kamran Chaudhry

What drives someone to be a pioneer? What drives someone to start a project from scratch? If you know, you’ll have the sense of satisfaction that only comes through real achievement.

If you don’t but you wished you did, you may be inspired by Father Mushtaq Anjum, who recently became Pakistan’s first Camillian priest and is now based in the Philippines.

“It’s all about giving hope,” said Father Anjum as he shared a video with me this morning.

The video gives a glimpse into the history and social works of the Camillians in Pakistan. Even though they are the smallest congregation in the country, helping flood relief efforts, building water filtration plants, opening sewing centers and starting prayer groups are just a few challenges that this dedicated band accepts and tackles with boundless energy.

The people’s Church is never complete without physical needs especially in a troubled third world country like ours – and few people know that better than Pakistan’s Camillians. See for yourself.

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  • Rogeilo Regner

    what a good vocation teaser for promotion…i wish that many will see and hear this call for the greater Glory of God….